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Based in Dubai, Kosher Arabia carefully produces up to 2,000 meals a day from its state-of-the-art, 20,000 sq ft facility, the only major kosher catering kitchen in the UAE.

The facility enables the team to produce fresh, exceptional food with an unwavering commitment to quality and the highest standard of kashrut. Consistent, large-scale production ability has seen Kosher Arabia become a partner of choice for retail brands requiring branded and white label goods to help them reach new markets.

Kosher Arabia is producing fresh and frozen kosher retail products available locally and internationally across supermarkets, retail outlets, hotels and airlines.

Kosher Arabia’s unique location enables easy transportation of goods across the UAE and from Dubai’s ports into any corner of the world.

Kosher Arabia’s facility is certified by the Orthodox Union (OU) and Union of Orthodox Synagogues (UOS). The OU certifies over 1.2 million products globally and is widely considered the gold standard when it comes to kashrut.

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